For A Putt That's On Line - Every Time

Introducing the PUTTING ALLEY Putting Stroke Isolator

Putting Alley is a short putt practice device that uses a raised precise putting surface (27 inches long) as the putting "alley". After putting, you can determine your putting error by seeing where the ball falls off the raised surface. Eliminate the inconsistent feedback of putting greens!

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The Original Putting Alley

Made from high strength plastic with an integrated putting alley on each side of the device. Simply flip the device to practice on either the one or one half inch alley. Learn More >

Putting Alley Tour Edition

Precision milled, solid wood base and a dual sided, precision machined aluminum alley. Available in European Beech, Walnut and Cherry to accommodate any home or office decor. Learn More >

  • Identifies main putting errors which are putter face angle, swing path and off center impact.
  • Eliminates uncontrolled practice on irregular turf by providing a precise consistent putting surface.
  • Portable - can use anywhere, rain or shine.
  • Easy to use - practice a high number of repetitions in a short period of time without bending over to pick up the ball.
  • Builds putting muscle memory.
  • Dual sided design with Integrated precision Alleys on each side.
  • High strength engineering polymer for precision and durability.
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